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I want a soulmate

One who doesn’t leave me while hanging out with his friends. More than wanting me alone, who wants me beside him. Securing me like a diamond he just found out of that garbage bag he once wanted to throw. Admiring me not for the petals that make him wanna adore, I want him to admire my soul. I know I sometimes leave things behind, as dragging them would make me look like a mule, leave it. I want him to hold them with him as sometimes when I leave something, it cost me my holes. I don’t want a million dollars for sure, as my sweat makes it smell like ocean and sun. I want an empty vessel who listen to me and my stories like how my poetries my mom listens to.

I want a human home where I could dwell looking like a butterfly with bizarre wings but I want myself to have that beauty inside. The beauty I see in those fireflies in the forest. Green and radiant. I want him to be that carpet in which I could sit, uncomfortably yet wouldn’t want to leave it.

I want a soulmate who wouldn’t be afraid to be with me and to hold my breath and have its control. With every inhaling and exhaling, he would remind me of someone I lost.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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