Lone warrior

I today don’t want to talk about us for a change,

I want to talk about you.

I want to listen to all the things that you’ve kept inside,

Clasping your emotions and your high low tides.

In the way of your destiny, why did you break your knees?

Why did those bruises weaken you,

when you have undergone extreme?

I want to know why you feel so lonely sometimes,

When you are involved in the element of yourself.

I remember how unknowingly you chose white,

when the world was colourful inside.

Without thinking twice you were fine with it.

But then bothered and unsatisfied why did you leave for home?

When you knew your colours won’t come back,

From the aura you once refused,

Why didn’t you fight them?

I’ve seen your disastrous world but I still want to listen,

To all the mean things the world have done,

From your mouth, how your story began.

How you become a sufferer?

When I saw an Alpha wolf inside you,

fighting my warrior and yours at the same time.

Why did you rewrite my hero,

at the time I needed him the most.

-Riya Shah


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