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I took a shower instantly when I reached home,

As I was dirty with all the allegations,

The reflections I saw or myself in the mirror,

Wasn’t resembling from what I’ve created.

A total distinct person I see that day.

Covered with all the accusation mud,

And the soil which wasn’t easy getting off.

Rubbing it with my tears and fears,

I was exposed to the angel I have in me.

Why did I change after getting my desires?

Where is the side of me I thought was pretty?

Covered with all the clutter in my head,

I went to the kitchen,

thinking everything would be satisfactory in the end.

The black coffee made my soul awaken,

And for once I felt misfit in the world I built.

I was shaken, as to how can I be so famished

of things I wasn’t sure about.

How I let the world’s misconceptions exits in me,

Why was I fine with dwelling with them?

I could clean myself as the stains aren’t external,

Indeed, I ain’t the perfect creature.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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