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It was 17th of October,

I was walking with my mother,

In the nighttime, it wasn’t summer.

Intoxicated with the whispers,

Of the society and mistress.

And there I saw you, boy.

You were sweeter than sugar,

I was diabetic and resisting calories.

You came nigher and it was holy bliss.

I thought you were magical,

Like the wand of the witches and goblins.

Suddenly, the snowfall caught my eyes,

I wasn’t so mesmerized.

As my heart got stuck, it wasn’t loved.

That blue colour, of the denim you were covered.

I was so impressed by the hail,

In the middle of the flakes.

All wet and covered, with water all over.

I wanted you so badly,

like sunshine in the winters.

It’s 2020, we are more than lovers,

I don’t know how you occurred to me,

Knowing my past and my sufferings.

It was some years prior,

we were barely strangers.

But when I saw you the first time,

I felt like you were my lifetime.

See that’s what happened,

Now we are betrothed.

Today rain is pouring,

you are wet with my affection.

See how the moments past in few seconds.

It was 17th of October,

I saw you in the streets for the first time,

It isn’t summered moreover you are my lover.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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