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Vulnerable compositions

I am a poet, an artist, a creator who doesn’t go easy with her words, as it connects me to my almighty. I never want my work to be precise, just full of uniqueness. I don’t believe that minor faults can’t be neglected for the work which is the result of utmost hard work. It takes every bit of a human and their personal experiences, their hurts, lies they kept to themselves. It’s hard. Trust me it’s harder than you think. When you appreciate art, the artist cries inside out of pleasure. His joy knows no bounds. You are encouraging his devotion. The purest form of praising someone is to respect what they do. It takes not more than a few minutes to appreciate what you love. And consideration makes an artist more devoted and inclined towards his/her work.

So near my house lived a man who was an epitome of creativity. He never flaunted it to the world. As he was busy living what he loved. He was admired by everybody. His words were like magic and he didn’t disburse them on things that didn’t matter. He kept his art within himself taught it to the youngsters who actually were potential enough to learn what he taught. That where I learnt that-

1-God prevails in what you create, what you believe and the things you care for.

2-Attempt to give your best, and you’ll conquer everything you ever dreamt for. Just your commitment towards your work and you accomplish wonderfully.

3- you can be as vulnerable for your art as much as you want to be.

-Riya Shah

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